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When designers and specifiers seek out high-end faucets and fixtures, they turn to plumbing showrooms. When Brizo® needed an unmatched showroom experience that would resonate with the elite consumer, they turned to Simon/Myers.

The visual statement is undeniable. High fashion, high contrast and high impact tell a compelling story that commands a visitor’s attention from across the room.

The Mobile Cart has adjustable shelves that may be arranged to hold kitchen or bath products. The versatile side panel can display Brizo showering or accessory products, or a vertical graphics panel to provide significant visual impact.

The Brizo Story Module has an inspirational video, without audio, to inform shoppers who want to learn more about living fashion.

It’s not enough to excite the senses; a display has to satisfy the floorplan too. That’s why these wall-mount displays can be built in a variety of configurations to maximize the product assortment while preserving the visual impact.

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