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In just four years, Simon/Myers helped make SnapCount the No. 1 software in the fast-emerging energy retrofit space. Now it was time for a website refresh that would not only be impactful, but would tactfully protect the software's confidential advantages in this hyper-competitive space. We used an agile process to identify the many audiences, then rebuilt the site from the ground up using a modern, tech-focused look and user-centric site architecture. We also took a peek at the upcoming SnapCount software release and integrated small design cues that allowed us to bridge the gap between the online experience and the product experience. The end result: a simple, clean website that makes it easy for people to learn just enough about the product to hunger for a demonstration.

The homepage and architecture are simple and clear, helping prospects visualize the actual software experience.

The product page uses subtle animation to help engage and guide the user through the product story.

The site is packed with testimonials, case studies, and quotes from SnapCount customers. As an industry-specific product, social proof is key to converting potential customers.

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