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With a beautiful design in hand, Delta sales reps had the task of selling the display fixtures into showrooms nationwide. First, the reps meet with showroom managers to create intrigue. Then they follow through with the managers to demonstrate practicality. As such, two print pieces were created — each intended to support a specific outcome.

Designing a branded showroom requires a systematic approach to carry a brand through every interaction. A key link to this system is for sales reps to deliver a branded, compelling experience through powerful resources.

Equipping the Delta reps with high-quality sales tools is the secret sauce to a successful transaction. The piece below was designed to impress showroom managers and get them excited about taking the new system.

Showrooms are addressed on a case-by-case basis due to their unique needs. The Merchandising Guide ensures that Delta sales reps are suited with visual support to discuss any complex, in-person conversations that transpire.

FPO Every detail matters and the Merchandising Guide is the fountain of knowledge. It gives a detailed breakdown of every Deta option and its components so every question can be answered with accuracy.

FPO The Merchandising Guide shows that Delta has taken all showroom sizes into account and visually details the display's size customization. Both the Merchandise Guide and the Sales Tool are vital resources to lead sales reps and show managers through their meeting.

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