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Introducing a showroom program on a national stage requires coordination of countless stakeholders, in-depth and complex information and invested resources. The digital support we provide is as inspiring as it is informative.

Optimization is as important to the experiential elements as it is for the web-enabled tools that support it.

User experience and easy-to-read visuals are essential when creating images for the microsite. Updated planograms aid in delivering a user-friendly experience with fixture identification and mapped-out placement zones.

The microsites are updated with each new product launch, offering new POGs and CGI imagery of the fixtures.

With the rise of mobile, it is critical for a microsite's design to be responsive across devices. This adaptability further reinforces that the brand is invested in its users and the accessibility of its site.

Direct contact to sales reps and showroom managers is critical for Delta and the success of its brand. The site is a valuable tool to launch online surveys and display analytics based upon the feedback.

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