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The Thor Industries Dealer Open House in Elkhart, Indiana is an annual showcase of more than 500 Thor Industries RVs. Dealers can step inside and experience every feature and finish for themselves. This event is a once-a-year, “host it and they will come” opportunity to influence the movers and shakers of the RV industry. And influence them we did, by blanketing the gateways to the event with a series of eight gorgeous outdoor boards that celebrated RVing. The best part was this: Thor had asked us to “portray RVing in a mind-blowing light,” and they think we succeeded.

2018 Case Study

Families with kids make up a significant percentage of RVers. They also typically read together, many of them in RVs. Our writers played into that scenario with headlines referencing popular children’s books.

The greatest satisfaction of RVing comes from sharing time together. This board dramatizes that fact, with a breathtaking photo and aggressively competitive headline.

We know that RVers embrace the latest technology in their vehicles. But as this board shows, they also appreciate the stress-reducing benefits of getting away from their devices once in a while.

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