Storytelling: It’s not just for bedtime.

published on
February 18, 2020

As humans, we love a good story. From bedtime stories as children — nursery rhymes, tall tales, fables and legends — to family history, folklore, and “fishing stories,” most certainly everyone can recall a memorable story in their life.

The interconnectivity of storytelling and brands is nothing new. When brands follow a few simple guidelines for storytelling, the brand story becomes more meaningful. And in turn, more successful.

So what makes a good story?

  • It’s timeless. It doesn’t matter where you live, or if it takes place in the past, present or future, the storyline will be familiar and easy to understand for all.
  • It’s relatable. If you can picture yourself or someone you know as one of the characters, it makes the story more authentic and believable.
  • It’s emotional. Whatever the reaction (happy, sad, scared, excited), you feel something.
  • It’s memorable. A good story is easy to remember, describe, repeat and share because at the core, it is simple and clear.

At Simon/Myers, our strategy team knows the importance of storytelling and how it impacts our clients' business. That’s why the Creative Brief is one of the most critical tools in the process. This document plays a key role in understanding and defining the relatable truths that resonate best with our target audiences. This includes details on “what they should feel” so that the creative team can create the most compelling story. It’s important to note, this is equally important for both written and visual elements, as both play a key role in a strong story.

Of course, we can’t forget that these stories aren’t just for fun. A good story can help us define “who” a brand is, make us aware of a brand/product/service, and tell us why we should consider it. Good stories give us features and benefits, without coming across as a laundry list. And the best stories make us feel compelled to take action on our own.

Just like children love reading the same books night after night, consumers love to be captivated and will talk about your brand’s story — IF it resonates with them.

So the question is, what is the story you want to tell?

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