Online and Trade Schools: Is Age Just a Number?

published on
February 18, 2020

In Part 2 of our two-part series, Brian zooms out to examine a key difference between these two types of institutions’ students and what that difference means for industry marketers.

Age isn’t everything, but it sure is something.

Online- and trade-school students both choose to pursue their education outside of a traditional university setting. So it would be reasonable to assume these students find themselves in similar life circumstances, right? Turns out, the answer is not necessarily.

Looking at industry data,* trade school students are four times more likely than their peers to enroll in their chosen institution before the age of 25. In terms of enrollment, over 75% of a trade school’s students will likely be under the age of 35.

That’s a far cry from online universities where 20% of students enroll in their early 20’s, another 20% before the age of 35, and nearly 20% more before the age of 45. Significant enrollment declines only begin after age 55.

So while educational paths may be similar for non-traditional students, life circumstances couldn’t be more different. Which is why marketers shouldn’t simply take a page from the industry playbook.

Marketing Insight:

Efforts to increase trade school enrollment need to start early, likely while prospects are still in high school. Recruiting should involve education that elevates the industry and makes the career-pathing clarity of trade schools stand out amidst the ambiguity of more traditional 4-year colleges & universities.

Conversely, marketers at online universities should focus on attracting a wider array of adult students. Marketing should focus on significant career-inciting moments like industry-switching, promotion into management, and layoffs/recessions.

Whatever the student’s educational choice, the lesson for the marketer is the same: don’t rely on accepted labels to paint a complete picture. 

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*Source: S/M Hitwise Analysis

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