Data meets the faucet aisle. Sparks fly.

published on
February 18, 2020

As one of the leading manufacturers of faucets, Delta Faucet Company enjoys strong relationships with its retail partners and consumers alike. Simon/Myers had the opportunity to partner with DFC to re-envision and optimize the kitchen faucet aisle at The Home Depot and improve the overall customer experience.

The Problem:

The in-aisle retail shopping experience for faucet category products was inconsistent and confusing - making comparisons and verifications difficult, resulting in overwhelmed and frustrated consumers, as well as lost sales.

Our Approach:

Using a data-driven approach, we set out to better understand the customer journey and improve, enhance and simplify the in-aisle shopping experience by:

  • Ensuring all communications are relevant to the customer’s purchase journey stage
  • Increasing the percentage of shoppers compelled to move from consideration to purchase

Using existing research (online vs. retail purchase intent, dwell time, use-case, brand affinity, basket sales) and in-store audits, we visualized the purchase journey and developed key consumer insights to create three key steps for in-store execution success:

  • Narrow the consideration set through simplified merchandising and bringing products down for easier, more tactical interaction
  • Allow for easy product comparisons and education on elements like design, finish, and additional features
  • Validate selection by integrating additional information found online at  

The result:

A hands-on planogram that simplified the shopping experience using data-driven organization and multi-channel touchpoints, integrated into a brand-agnostic solution that seamlessly fits into The Home Depot’s stores.

A simplified icon system and and image callouts for unique features make it easier to compare products.

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