DeVry University

Learning from the Past

Account Lead:
Michael Kristofka

With more than 80% aided brand awareness, DeVry University has higher name recognition than most of their category competitors. For nearly a century, they built their reputation on delivering a best-in-class technical education. But as DeVry transitioned from technical school to university, they struggled to find their marketing footing. The result? Two dissimilar campaigns. Two confusing positions. And a negative trend on the balance sheets.

Enter Simon/Myers.

Exposing Opportunities with Research


Style Tiles Are In


Our first step in determining how to communicate the DeVry brand was a critical one: Style Tiles. This is designer nirvana, where brand credentials and expressions are explored without restriction. The process is cathartic, freeing both client and agency to visualize the brand in dramatic new ways.

Ultimately, this process revealed the strongest, most apt brand expressions. Photography techniques, typefaces and weights, color palettes and iconography were all winnowed to a fine point, openly and collaboratively.

A Guide for the Future



"Simon/Myers team has been critical to our improvements. Learning. Listening. Leading. We have had it all, and we are grateful.”

Chris Black

VP Marketing, DeVry University

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