Who We Are

Burger craving, mixology nerding, music buffing, tech geeking, puppy loving, plant daddying, social consciousing, camping junkying, book worming, urban exploring, fashion forwarding, museum guiding, road tripping, all around ride-or-dying. Get the picture?

What We Believe

We Believe in Intellectual Curiosity.

Creating unexpected connections starts by opening ourselves up to the full breadth of knowledge and experiences available to us.

We Believe in Egoless Collaboration.

From our interns to our leadership, we expect every employee's ideas to fearlessly find their way to our round table.

We Believe Data Should Inspire, Not Inhibit.

Data confirms and data guides. But data does not write the sonnet or capture the light. The art is in knowing where one stops and the other starts.

What We Support

At Simon/Myers, we are honored to provide the following charities our time and talent.